Call For Facilitators Open Until

30 May 2019

Facilitator Notifications

15 July 2019

Conference Dates - Melbourne

16 - 17 September 2019

We are aiming for about one facilitator per 10 participants. During the main conference, the format is as follows:

  • 3 Sessions per day (grouped by stories - executives, thought leaders, and practitioners)
  • 3 Speakers per session
  • Each session followed by a Q&A with the Speaker(s) and facilitated deep dives (This is the key role of the facilitator).

The techniques and skills we are looking for in facilitators are:

  • Exceptional listening skills
  • Willingness to pause and let the flow of conversations happen
  • Proactively enable points of interest among the participants. Learn about what the special interests of the participant are and pair them with the other participants with similar interests
  • Establish upfront working agreements and alignment expectations at the table
  • Ability to Answer questions with questions as a form of exploratory thought process
  • Awareness of voice modulation and the power of tone. An assertive, affirmative and confident voice sets the tone of the table
  • Openness to share your intentions, expressions and your expectation of learning from the conference with participants.
  • Visual facilitation of the high-level points from the talks on talks for the table
  • Exploration of different liberating structures to unlock the table conversation

Facilitator Compensation

  • All accepted facilitators will receive free admission to the conference;

Business Agility 2019 - Call for facilitators form

Join us as a facilitator at the Business Agility Conference. Facilitators are leaders in the business agility community and, during the conference, are responsible for leading the deep-dive discussions, greeting delegates as they arrive, connecting delegates to each other and sharing your insights. This is also your opportunity to connect with business agility from Australia and around the world to understand what is really happening in the community.